From: Richard Latto <[email protected]>
Sent: 31 July 2017 16:01
To: [email protected]
Subject: BBC News Item

Dear Mr Collyer


At BBC South we will be running a story during the week beginning August 7th 2017 about your online operations. This relates to your websites;,, and associated online material.


We have received the following comments from persons associated with religious organisations and the funeral industry.

“I’m disappointed it seems to be offering a service in Southampton, when Southampton has many excellent churches that offer great kindness and care to the communities across our city and I’m saddened this appears to be something representing our city because it doesn’t in any way whatsoever.”

“When people pass away they use a search engine and look for funeral preparations, and if they come across this website it might be distressing for people.”

“These websites contain some shocking pictures and words… and we urge whoever is responsible to take them down.”

“What concerns me greatly is the distress that would be caused… in my opinion the website offends public decency.”

“It’s not funny by any means, it’s in poor taste, it’s hurtful and it should really be removed.”


We would like to invite you to respond to these comments, either as a written statement or as part of an interview.


Please contact us before Monday 7th August if you wish to respond to these points. We have been unable to reach you by phone or email previously.


Yours sincerely.


Richard Latto

BBC South