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You're not just buying a lifestyle,
but an afterlife style


over50 plan

Life brings many good reasons to wish it was ended, for example:

  • Chronic Illness,
  • A bad marriage,
  • Stress,
  • Debt,
  • Loss,
  • Aging,
  • Depression,
  • Cancer,
  • Embarrassment,
  • Hitting the ground at very high speed,
  • Flying in a Russian Airliner.


If you suffer from any or all of these,
you should be thinking about our
Guaranteed Afterlife/Over50Plan plan!


over50 plan
The thought of dying can be a worry for some, especially the terminally ill, those in their "autumn" years and of course aircraft passengers. This is why we target our advertising to these vulnerable or worried groups. But you don't need to be dying soon to benefit from a Tenpasenta Guaranteed Over50Plan.
For over £50 a month you can guarantee yourself the afterlife you dreamt of. The Guaranteed Over50Plan is a simple and affordable way to leave a cash sum to us.
Our plans are backed by the Tenpasenta Church, Europe's largest and wealthiest fake Church and spurious insurance underwriters. We specialise in offering the highest quality religious style experiences money can buy, including special deals made between us and higher imaginary authorities, enabling us to offer afterlife guarantees that real Churches can only dream of.
By relieving your bank account of relatively small amounts of over £50 each month, you're in the Afterlife plan.
It's as simple as that!
Deathbed insurance
Over 50 planIt will be a big relief to you on your deathbed knowing that you're just one step away from the afterlife and eternal bliss you were daft enough to believe in, and it's all thanks to giving money to us, enjoy. Over 50 plan
Aged 50-80? Twenty-odd years ago I began to manage the Tenpasenta Guaranteed Over50Plan and in that time I've met several interesting people and have a couple of lasting happy memories, but if you want to leave your loved one more than just happy memories, join the Guaranteed Over50Plan today and they will know you've gone to a better place after your death.
You don't need to be over 50 years old to join our plan, just pay us over £50 per month for over 50 years. We may throw in a FREE cremation for you if you've paid in for over 100 years, we don't joke about offers this HOT.

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over50 plan
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over50 plan

We have changed our life long subscription to reflect the hardship we hear many are feeling during this financial period, therefore from midnight on 22nd October 20019, Mark the vicar has declared that a one-off payment of only £5,500 and not £6,000 will be accepted from anybody of ANY age who can prove that they are impoverished is all that will be required for a life long afterlife subscription!
Plus all low-income earners over 106 years old will get a FREE membership! That's right, a guaranteed afterlife for nowt, even we can't believe it. We've received three emails from the ultra old who have made it their priority to reach 106 and save a few quid, we wish them luck! Some younger cancer victims may feel this offer to be a little unfair, tough titty, they should just buy our £6,000 deal as soon as diagnosed.

There has never been a better time to join and guarantee yourself the afterlife you do or don't deserve.
Every life subscription not only includes an exciting gift (illustration right) but also free entry into the Tenpasenta Church estate in Southampton, our usual charge is £5 per entry meaning the more you visit the more you can save! One visitor got stuck in the revolving gate and she saved thousands!
When visiting make yourself known to be a Tenpasenta member and our vicar's will let you do some unpaid jobs about the place, this work could hasten your transit to the afterlife if you happen to be elderly or ill, this is a truly great bonus if you're fed up with life, we have a special name for this kind of volunteer, "Mad".

Over 50 plan
we're great
over50 plan
Happiness gurantee, Over 50 plan As we all know the most secure way of getting to Heaven and the afterlife is through the regular tithe payment system of old, unlike other Churches who accept 10% of your cash for basically no guaranteed return, we offer the afterlife you were indoctrinated into believing was real, and who are we to shatter your childish dreams?
As long as your donation is larger or equal to at least 10% of your net income, your safe transit to the afterlife is fully guaranteed.
Remember the Tenpasenta Church is the only Church to guarantee eternal life and let you keep Sundays all to yourself.
Direct debit
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If you're giving, we're taking
over50 plan
Premiums start from 10% of your net income per month, but if you would like to pay a more you can.

The first month's premium is not free, benefit from knowing your own money is going straight into your chosen plan from day one.

You need to keep paying into the plan every month throughout your life, if you stopped paying for any reason the Grim Reaper will delay your transit to the afterlife, he may even send you to the fires of Hell and eternal damnation! If you were to become seriously ill just before your death, be sure your payments are secure with an everlasting direct debit.No medical required, just pay
For each friend you invite to join you will receive their free gift instead of them!

The premium you choose will never go down, and your cover will never go up.

There is more to life than just money, so send it to us.

Over 50 Plan chair
Tenpasenta Church
buy your afterlife here
over50 plan
50plan voucher Why not give the ultimate gift to the one you love, the gift of a guaranteed afterlife, thanks to the Tenpasenta Church. Some may call it the gift money can't buy, but they are wrong, you can, buy gift vouchers from only £600, this covers one year of Over50Plan, should your loved one die during any time while the voucher is valid they will get a guaranteed afterlife, expired vouchers will mean they will have to rely on their chosen god. Imagine the joy and relief this gift voucher will bring, especially to an elderly friend or sick relative near death. This gift is the ultimate gift.. Vouchers are non-refundable and have no cash in value, they cannot be transferred to another party once activated, we're not Marks & Spencer's.
over50 plan
The Tenpasenta Church has been selling no-frills Afterlife for over 170 years, in that time nearly eight million people have signed up with us, and nobody that was confirmed dead has ever made a complaint. A ringing endorsement in itself for the quality of our sensational guaranteed Afterlife service.
We are so confident that you will be fully satisfied with your efficient transit to the Afterlife, that we have put in place a 30 day 10% full refund guarantee.
Full terms and conditions of our Afterlife guarantee are available to see in our red Book of Enlightenment by request.
To claim a refund if not fully satisfied, simply fill in the form placed in your coffin within 30 days of burial or cremation.
over50 plan
Huge Hugh If you are over 80 plus years old things don't look so good in the life insurance market, nobody wants you.
If you are a millionaire playboy like the old bloke on the left you will always be welcome because they'll ramp up the fees behind your back with a lucrative deal done with your accountant, but if you are an ancient old bird on your last legs without a huge bank balance you're in the shite.
We don't care how old you are, just as long as you have the £6,000 to give us you're guaranteed an afterlife, let your relatives worry about paying to bury you, you'll be sunning yourself on some heavenly beach or whatever afterlife you were daft enough to believe.
old bird
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You're buying an afterlife
Grim reaper If you're on the old side or terminally ill, you should be worried about whether or not you will pass on to a wonderful afterlife, you don't want to end up haunting a Victorian mansion?
By joining the Tenpasenta Over50Plan, you're guaranteed that a dream afterlife will be a reality!
It doesn't matter how horrible you've been in life, or even how ugly looking you are, having disposable money is the only qualification!
Members must remember to give the Grim Reaper our one finger Tenpasenta gesture when you're lucky enough to die. He will then check your Tenpasenta membership is up to date then fast-track you to Saint Peter's gate for your perpetual existence of eternal bliss. However if you lie about the status of your Afterlife plan, you can expect a swift scythe to the genitals, or maybe worse.
Don't mess with your eternal future over money in this life, infinity is a long time and you should be sure you've backed the winning church, forget the rest, join the best, the Tenpasenta Church.
Grim reaper
Ove r50 Plan
Tenpasenta Church
buy your afterlife here
over50 plan
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